Meet Nakeasha Walker, The Atlanta
born Grady baby using a multitude of avenues
to create awareness about the effects of abuse,
mental health issues, and poverty in her local

When Nakeasha was 9 months old she was
adopted. Her adoption has played a pivotal role
in her desire to be a voice of some of the key
issues addressed in her creative works. As the
youngest of 12 adopted children and one of 7
children to her biological mother, Nakeasha
lived what seemed like a double life. Living in a
very chaotic environment when she was with
her biological family, and a very strict and
structured way with her adoptive family. This
juxtaposition along with her own encounters of
abuse in both settings, witnessing the reality of
mental health issues up close, as well her own
personal experience with unstable housing and
near homelessness as a young mother has
provided a truly heartfelt narrative to the
content she shares with her audiences.

She began writing at the age of 12 years old as
an outlet in an attempt to cope with difficult
situations. Growing up as what society would
likely label a “troubled young woman”, and
carrying anger and anguish led to the violence
that caused her to often be suspended, and
ultimately played a large role in her withdraw
from high school. Nakeasha honed-in on her
writing as an escape. She later got her GED and
obtained her Associate’s degree in Medical

While her love for writing began as a coping
mechanism, it grew into a passion that
progressed over her lifetime. As a writer,
Nakesha has experience with plays, web-series,
and movies. To be able to present her work to
the community Nakeasha and a partner created
a production company called KKE (Kingdom
Kre8z Expressions) Productions LLC. They have
been able to showcase each of her four written


(“You Did It”, “Auxiliaries and the Servants
Heart”, “Here’s My Ashes”, and her production
showing in May, “Decoding Mary”.

Each of these stories focuses on an array of
common place and relatable tragedies that
occur every day in our communities, such as;
physical, mental, and sexual abuse, incest,
church hurt, and suicidal ideations.

Nakeasha ultimately wants her production and
writing work to fund her outreach goals. As a
young woman she began serving the homeless
population with her adoptive mother. Her
continued work fueled her desire to expand her
efforts to assist as many as possible. She now
owns W.C. G. M. Outreach Ministries which
distributes food and toiletries to individuals
struggling with homelessness here in Atlanta,

Nakeasha uses her work as a platform to rip off the
band-aid of the brutality of abuse wrapped in
politeness and dives right into the truthfulness of
living with the collective traumas we have been
taught to hide and only discuss on a reactionary
basis. She shared that her ultimate goal with the
expansion of her production company is to provide
additional help to W.C.G.M. Outreach Ministries. “I
want to have 18 wheelers that have showers,
barber shops, and a restaurant. So that people can
come to the all in one set up and get everything
they need, from a hot meal, to a new outfit, to
toiletries they need.”

Which artists have influenced you in in your
writing and production work?

“Tyler Perry. I love his stage plays and the way he
gives back to the community. As an actress I write
for Taraji P. Henson. The way she acts and puts all
of herself into her work is the character I envision
writing for in each of my plays. My goal is to one
day have her be a part of my production. That
would be amazing! “

What’s been your driving force in your writing
and development of KKE Productions?

“God. God is my fire. He’s my passion. He is my
motivator. Once, God whispered to me. He told
me that my voice was in my hands. God speaks to
me through my writing. I come to him as a clean
slate and he provides me with the vision and the

How do you take care of yourself while writing
about and producing issues that could be

“Well, it has been a struggle and I have had that
moment where I just broke down, but God has
provided me with the strength and healing I need
to do this work. Unfortunately, I am not close to
many of my biological or adoptive family,
although I do have to give huge credit to my
amazing husband of 9 years, and my children. They
are my biggest fans!”

What is your goal to provide to your audience
after seeing your plays?

“To see people set free, delivered, and free from
the things they have gone through. You don’t have
to be isolated. You can still live! I want to see
people be happy, and not be broken. My stories
are for the victims and the perpetrators. My
message is that God is a healer and forgiver.

“My stories are for the
victims and the perpetrators.
My message is that God is
a healer and a forgiver.”

“God whispered to me
once, he told me that my
voice was in my hands.”



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